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About Ornella Trattoria Italiana

Few words from Ornella & Giuseppe Viterale. We cannot overstate the importance of food and family to our lives. This is particularly true in Italian families where most women are taught to cook for their families at a very young age. The table is a place where it all happens. We discuss our day; we share good news and bad`s definitely the forum of all communication (although most of us were not allowed to talk while we ate).

I was born in Torino and my husband Giuseppe was born in Salerno... From the "Bagna Cauda" of the Piemonte to the "Pasta di Castagna" of the Cilento, you can rest assured our regions are all covered.

Our diverse menu shows our emotional attachment to the many dishes our grandmothers and our mothers have served for years. These are the culinary heirlooms we pass on to own children and hope these meals will be a link to the past, or the beginning of a wonderful journey of food and family. We are also proud to offer you our culinary delights in catering options! Please see our catering menu and let us know your needs.

Established in 2009

Ornella is the crown jewel of Astoria fine dining, offering high-end food at surprisingly affordable prices. Over the past four years, we have earned a reputation for consistently impressive food and friendly, professional service. Our goal has always been to make delicious food for everyone to enjoy, and we work hard to make sure our customers leave feeling full and happy.

Business Owner

I always believe that the most important thing in the restaurant is the food. But the food by itslef is not enough. you have to create a welcoming environment and a character to the place. because a restaurant is like a person, without character it is like no salt and no pepper, its a bland place. that is the reason sometimes i am very passionate about the food and my customers. I believe that i am not doing you a favor by serving you my food but you are doing me a favor by coming to my restaurant. 85% of my reviews are positive but there is a high perecentage of one star reviews which most of them i answer back because i care about my place. yelp is a good way to find a place but some of the yelpers use some exaggeration and i am not afraid like any other restaurateur to answer back the reviews when i think that they are wrong. if you come to my place expect to be welcomed in a genuine way and not a fake way like most of the restaurants are.


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